People commonly suffer from pollution related illnesses like Sinusitis, it can be quite pervasive and troublesome. Affecting different parts of the face, the sinus can be classified as frontal sinus, maxillary sinus and sphenoid sinus.

Sinuses drain into the nose through a small tube the size of a ball-point pen refill and tend to get blocked very easily. When blocked, fluid accumulates in the sinus and causes sinusitis or the inflammation of the mucousal layer lining the sinuses.

The function of sinus is to remove dirt particles, pollen, smoke, and other suspended particles. A person started feeling pain when these sinuses are infected leading to swelling and congestion within the spaces. In some cases, this infection spreads to the ears, throat and lungs.

Ayurvedic treatment procedures like Vamana, Nasya and dhoomapana are highly beneficial in case of sinusitis. You may consult us personally and get these treatment procedures done.

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