Lumbar Spondylitis

When we disturb the lumbar region, pain starts

Lumbar Spondylosis is an age-related degeneration in the lower back. This area is especially prone to deterioration because the lower back supports upright posture and many different bending and twisting movements, and also because it supports such a large amount of weight.

Lumbar region of spine is the weight bearing region of the whole body. When we disturb the lumbar region, pain starts. As it is the integral part of the body, the pain may not only persist in lumbar region, it can continue up to the neck and down to the leg at some cases. .

At Active Ayu Life we have a series of treatments for Spondylosis :

• ➲Abyangam

• ➲ Dhanyamla Dhara

• ➲ Purging (Virechnam)

• ➲ Saravanga dhara

• ➲ Kizhi

For further detail on above mentioned treatment and physiotharapy click here

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