There’s more than one reason to book with a Physiatrist such as Andrew Back. Other than your pain, of course. Here’s what I’m offering all my friend patients.

Dr. Dinesh Bhardwaj

Dr Dinesh Bhardwaj is internationally trained renowned physical therapist in West Delhi. He has honour to introduce highly advance treatment techniques like ‘Kinesiology Sports Taping’, ‘Osteopathy ‘ & ‘Chiropractic Ultralign Technology’ for d first time in West Delhi.
He has developed a unique Holistic approach to ‘Align’ whole body in one go. He has saved hundreds of certain surgeries for Knee & Spine till date. He is awarded as Best Clinician for Holistic Health in West Delhi & ‘Young Achievers Award’ at International Conference of Physical Therapy at AIIMS, Delhi. He has honour to treat VIPs like Hon’ble MP Hema Malini Ji & MP Parvesh Verma Ji & many more elite sports persons.

Dr. Ruchi Sharma

Dr. Ruchi Bhardwaj is a successful Ayurveda physician & hard worker coach who has a specialty in infertility panchakarma treatment also. The infertility center is furnished hygienic and the authentic center is furnished, hygienic and authentic. She guided many couples to have their ideal & desired body with ideal quality through Ayurveda. She dated many successful cases of tubal Blockages too. She also guided to prevent from disease to adopt Ayurveda. She educates women & adolescent girls & teaches them how to maintain female Health Holistically.

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